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Sunny Day

The weather has been pretty average, with few bees daring to leave. I was a bit concerned about things, but today has relieved those fears. A nice sunny 18˚C day, and the girls were buzzing in and out like crazy. I could smell the honey when I was close up.

Hint: when examining your hive, try to stand to one side of their flight path, or they get confused and bump into you, and build up into a large cluster of confuzzled buzzing. This is especially unwise if you are in shorts and  bare feet.

On the other hand, my other girls, (5 chooks) each laid me an egg today. First time this spring for a 100% cackle rate. Worthy of celebration.

Bok bok bok bagaark

These are my other girls, I have two golden wyandottes, one buff sussex, one little red hen, and the beautiful black orpington X called Manu.

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