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All Full Up

4 boxes

Now there are 2 brood boxes, and 2 honey supers. The 3rd box is full, and the top is brand new. It is only the start of Jan, so might need another super yet.

5 January, 2013.

I had a look inside the hive today, with D as an assistant. He levered the cover off for me, and lifted it off – he is as calm and careful as his Poppa. I wanted a look because they seemed to be filling the super up fast last week. Good thing I checked, as the super was completely full, and the very outside frames (which get filled last), were 7/8 capped. They were out of space.

I added a new super, and this time tried 9 frames instead of 10, Dad (and others) say that if you space the frames out evenly, the bees build out the foundation more, making it easier to remove the cappings, and give more honey. We will see.

The new super (also 3/4 size) has a painting of a flower on it, with a picture of the Queen sitting on her throne. E painted this box, so we should not be surprised. She will be a little gutted that she didn’t get to put the box on, but she was sleeping over at a cousins. D was so good with the bees.

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