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More on Springtime

I love this time of year. The crab apple tree hums with bees seeking nectar filled blossom, there is a scent of flowers and honey throughout the yard, and the gardens slowly come back to life. It can be like that in my life too – winter can really grind on, working from dark ’til dark, and looking and feeling dead or dormant. Spring comes along, and there is freshness and newness in life, the rest provided by the school holidays once again allows warmth back into my bones and heart.

A wee bee visiting the pear tree. Yay, pears. Thanks bee.

A wee bee visiting the pear tree. Yay, pears. Thanks bee.

My Beloved asked for an extension to be built onto the chook run, so we can lock them up again. Funny how ‘can we’ usually means a ton of work, sweat, digging, and construction on my part. Anyways, Beloved was very grateful for the hard work and job well done, and she helped with tying the mesh onto the fencing wire – a nasty, annoying job.

I’ve made up some boxes for the hives, and assembled, wired, and inserted the wax foundation into the frames which go in the hives. It is surprising how much carpentry goes into beekeeping. Now I have to keep an eye on them, looking for queen cells and swarming. This is my first spring with hives on the site, and I am loving having the constant hum, and the many blossoms which I know will be doing their thing with the bees. Hopefully, it all bodes well for a good harvest.

I suppose life is like that – all the work that happens in the winter and spring, which only pays off much later, when we reap what we have sown. Hopefully the love and respect of nature, and the satisfaction of a job well done are two ideals successfully planted in our growing tribe, to grow to fruition in years to come.

Anyway, enjoy a few pictures of life in our jungle.

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