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The Emperor has new clothes!

Well, I am sick of doing the 20 second house-lap, and getting pounded by Apple hive’s daughters of hate.

Bee Suit

The emperor’s new clothes, thanks to Beloved

I no longer have to worry about it – I have me a proper suit.

Beloved was gracious in her gift giving this Christmas, and this is my early present. It was a real treat today, having a good look inside Apple hive, having the little darlings pounding into my face mesh, and being unable to get to me. I felt a bit like one of those boys who make fun of dogs behind gates, knowing I was completely safe.

So, the title of todays tome may seem a little megalomaniacal, but I do have direct charge over two queens, so in charge of multiple kingdoms, therefore an emperor. It is funny that a king or a queen can rule a kingdom, but there is no such thing as a queendom. I have heard of a femidom, perhaps it is a similar thing? (after a quick bit of research, don’t google it.)

The emperor in the story of the emperor’s new clothes was, if you recall, completely naked. I was not. Not even under my new suit (which was for Christmas, as I said, and not a birthday suit) would I go completely bare, as determined¬†bees have been known to get through at least one layer of clothes. If I may be permitted to digress, I remember a clip on the good old Muppet Show, where Sam the Eagle discussed nudity – it is a worthwhile discourse on the topic.

Anyway, on to today’s inspection.

I checked the honey supers, and in the last two weeks, the bees have been remarkably busy, and filled up their frames. Apple hive had just started to cap a few dozen cells on the top box, and Olive had advanced even further, with the centre frames nearly 1/3 capped. For those unused to beekeeping terms, bees put honey into the little hexagonal cells, but it is too watery, and if left in such a state would rapidly ferment. The bees fan the honey, removing water, until it no longer supports fungal growth (around 18% water, give or take). They then cover the cell with wax, sealing it in, safe from the elements. So that means two full boxes on each hive, and needing more boxes.

My helper for the day was D, and he was very useful. He is now able to cart around empty boxes, though full ones weigh not much less than himself, so are not yet possible. All in good time young padawan. He proudly told his Mum, “yeah, and it’s getting real high, and when we opened the hive it was just bubbling over”. Pretty accurate description actually. We now have three supers on each, and can extract pretty much whenever.

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